Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I ♥ NY

For some unknown reason on Friday night the majority of LaGuardia’s passenger pick-up area was cordoned off, reducing traffic to two lanes, and setting the stage for this display.

The scene:

Traffic is snarled and slow moving. Tension is high, patience low. At the point where multiple lanes of traffic squeeze down to two, an over-eager taxi cab cuts in front of a limo.

Limo driver begins wailing on his horn. Taxi driver gets out and starts pounding on the limo’s window. Limo driver gets out, gets hit squarely in the chin by taxi driver. Taxi driver gets pummeled in the face by the limo driver. An all out scuffle ensues.

Then traffic starts to open up again. More impatient drivers pound on their horns and hurl a litany of expletives out their windows. Both drivers stop what they’re doing, brush themselves off, get back into their cars, and pull away like nothing happened.

Borrowing a tagline from Page Six…

Only in NY, kids, only in NY.

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