Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not So Healthy & Fit Update - Week of 8/17/09

Our weekend consisted of 1 trip to the pediatrician, 2 trips to urgent care, and 3 trips to the pharmacy. It started off with Little E’s trip to the pediatrician on Friday afternoon. She was supposed to get another round of vaccines. Instead the pediatrician heard some wheezing and congestion in her chest, and prescribed seven days worth of nebulizer treatments with Xopenex.

Saturday afternoon was my trip to Urgent Care. I’d had some cramping on and off for a few days, and noticed the water was pink when I went to flush. I thought it was finally some AF spotting, as the last time I saw her was after my clomid cycle. Much to my horror, by Saturday morning the water had turned bright red and I realized it wasn’t AF. Dr. Google wasn’t very helpful, and told me bloody urine could be caused by anything from too much caffeine to kidney failure. The urgent care doctor said it was dehydration and a bladder infection. Seven days of Cipro for me.

Sunday was M’s turn for urgent care. He’s been battling headaches, congestion, and coughing for over a week. He was scheduled to leave for a trip, but was in no condition to fly. He knows not to risk it. The doctor couldn’t pin a diagnosis on his ailment, but since it had been lingering for over a week with no improvement she felt it was worthy of antibiotics. Seven days of Biaxin for M.

M’s convinced my bladder is going to fall out or something and doesn’t want me working out this week, so I’m sure we’ll exchange some words. I intend to get back on track after last week’s pitiful showing. We have plans to spend the weekend in NY, and I’m looking forward to some early morning runs along the waterfront.

My training from last week:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 70 min. elliptical, abs, pushups

Wednesday: 7 mile run w/ stroller

Thursday: 30 min. elliptical, 4 mile run, abs, pushups

Friday: off

Saturday: off

Sunday: off


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