Tuesday, August 4, 2009

H&F Week of 8/3/09

I’m getting really excited for our race coming up next month. I bought a plane ticket to NY, so I’m (better) guaranteed to get there at a decent hour the night before. You know I mean business if I bought a ticket.

It's not that I’m expecting to break any records, or even have a mildly decent finishing time, but this race has always been one of my favorites. Plus, it’s giving me a goal to work towards. It’s like regaining a small piece of my identity.

Workout Schedule for this week....

Since I never seem to stick to my workout schedule, I’m not going to bother posting it ahead of time anymore. Staying flexible is part of being a mom to a 6 month old (not to mention being pilot’s wife...there’s an understatement, ha). I’m just going to post a recap of the previous week’s workout for the record.

So here’s last week’s wrap-up:

Ended up with one more off day than I wanted in my original plan. I spent Sunday afternoon shopping with baby girl and decided to skip my run when we got home. Boo. But I did get a new digital camera. Woot.

Monday: 70 mins elliptical, abs
Tuesday: 70 mins elliptical, abs
Wednesday: 2.8 mi run/walk with stroller and hubby, 5 mi run
Thurdsay: 7 mi run
Friday: off
Saturday: 7 mi run
Sunday: off

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