Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Boat's Back in The Water

Boat (noun)
    Definition: A hole into which you pour your time and money.

M's little boat is once again a seaworthy vessel. It's tasting the Long Island Sound for the first time in 4 years.

It's been around the block a few times. When he left for Daytona to start flight school, it made the trek with him. He soon realized he was going to be too busy, and it was only used a handful of times. Florida was not kind to it. The blazing sun and heat completely trashed the woodwork. The electrical work also took a beating and some of it corroded out.

After graduation, M trailered it the 1200 miles back to NY for safe keeping. In the past 2 years it has undergone an epic rehabilitation. Many of M's days off were spent going to NY to work on it. This boat could probably qualify as our second child, he babies it so much (too bad we can't claim it as a dependent on our taxes). There were quite a few times when it took all my restraint not to say " You're not leaving me to go work on that freakin' boat again". But in the end, I'm happy to be using it again.

Most of our family members own boats, so this wasn't E's first time on the water. However it was her first trip to Connecticut. We took her for a leisurely put-put across the sound to Norwalk, had some lunch, and then came back. It was a lovely day.

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  1. Too cute, I can't wait to get pookie in the water!