Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Boat's Back in The Water

Boat (noun)
    Definition: A hole into which you pour your time and money.

M's little boat is once again a seaworthy vessel. It's tasting the Long Island Sound for the first time in 4 years.

It's been around the block a few times. When he left for Daytona to start flight school, it made the trek with him. He soon realized he was going to be too busy, and it was only used a handful of times. Florida was not kind to it. The blazing sun and heat completely trashed the woodwork. The electrical work also took a beating and some of it corroded out.

After graduation, M trailered it the 1200 miles back to NY for safe keeping. In the past 2 years it has undergone an epic rehabilitation. Many of M's days off were spent going to NY to work on it. This boat could probably qualify as our second child, he babies it so much (too bad we can't claim it as a dependent on our taxes). There were quite a few times when it took all my restraint not to say " You're not leaving me to go work on that freakin' boat again". But in the end, I'm happy to be using it again.

Most of our family members own boats, so this wasn't E's first time on the water. However it was her first trip to Connecticut. We took her for a leisurely put-put across the sound to Norwalk, had some lunch, and then came back. It was a lovely day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Health & Fitness Updates - Week of 8/24/09

There’s not much training to report from last week. The bladder issues and a project at work took precedence during the week.

Then my flight to NY on Friday was delayed for hours, as was my return flight Sunday (actually arrived home at 2 am on Monday morning, then woke up for work at 5). It was draining, and I was just a passenger chilling in the back. No wonder M looks like he’s been through the wringer at the end of a trip.

M and Little E are returning from NY tomorrow morning, so I’m using the quiet time to recover and get the house in order.

Last week’s training:

Monday: off
Tuesday: 7 mile run
Wednesday: 4 mile run, elliptical 30 min
Thursday: off
Friday: off
Saturday: 5 mile run
Sunday: off

P.S.. I went out for a run after I finished writing this. Afterwards, my pee was bloody again after being fine for the past 4 days.

Just thought you’d like to know.

I'm at a loss. I've been a runner for over half my life and NEVER had anything like this happen before. Calling for an urology appointment in the morning. Sigh.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I ♥ NY

For some unknown reason on Friday night the majority of LaGuardia’s passenger pick-up area was cordoned off, reducing traffic to two lanes, and setting the stage for this display.

The scene:

Traffic is snarled and slow moving. Tension is high, patience low. At the point where multiple lanes of traffic squeeze down to two, an over-eager taxi cab cuts in front of a limo.

Limo driver begins wailing on his horn. Taxi driver gets out and starts pounding on the limo’s window. Limo driver gets out, gets hit squarely in the chin by taxi driver. Taxi driver gets pummeled in the face by the limo driver. An all out scuffle ensues.

Then traffic starts to open up again. More impatient drivers pound on their horns and hurl a litany of expletives out their windows. Both drivers stop what they’re doing, brush themselves off, get back into their cars, and pull away like nothing happened.

Borrowing a tagline from Page Six…

Only in NY, kids, only in NY.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is here to stay?!

My bladder is NOT falling out.

Praise the lord.

At least my OB/GYN doesn’t think so. That’s the good news. I go for a diagnostic ultrasound next week to rule out any form of abdominal prolapse, but he feels that would be extremely unlikely.

My urine is still bloody after finishing my antibiotics, which is what necessitated the trip to my lady-parts doc yesterday. Cipro is heavy duty stuff. The urgent care doc wasn’t fooling around when he prescribed it. The OB/GYN feels that any infection I had has been eradicated, but the irritation to the blood vessels in my bladder is still going strong. I should keep drinking my water and take it easy for a few more days. If it hasn’t resolved itself by next week, he’ll refer me to a urologist.

Now for the not so good news. At my annual exam last month Dr. K and I discussed the fact that I still haven’t had a post-partum AF, despite the fact that I’ve been done nursing for about 5 months. Dr.K was at a loss for explanation, since I no longer fit the profile for traditional hypothalamic amenorrhea. She suggested that I come back for bloodwork in September if I still haven’t had a visit from Auntie.

Dr. J already knew about this because my case was brought up at the group’s weekly staff roundtable discussion. Apparently my ute is well known at Emory. Dr. J’s concern during my visit was not so much about my bloody pee-pee, but my lack of AF. The consensus among the doctors was that NOTHING can be done. I’ve had HA for so many years that my “wiring is broken” and my body doesn’t know how to produce the right hormones at the right times.

The recommendation was that I get an ultrasound at my yearly exams, and if my lining looks too thick they’ll give me an estradiol/provera cocktail to clean it out. However it’s unlikely I’ll have any growth. When I’m ready to have baby #2 in a few years, I’ll need to go through the same fertility treatments again. Hey, I know that works right? Yeah buddy, like it’s that easy.

This goes against what my RE told me last year. She said I would most likely return to normal cycling after my baby was born. Or at least I think she told me that. Possibly I made this assumption up in my own mind? Either way, the idea of letting my reproductive system collect dust for the next few years does not sit well with me.

I’ve got an appointment scheduled with my RE for next month to discuss my options. The plan was to wait 3-4 more years before trying for #2, so M could get all nice and cozy at a mainline. Funny. We may need to scrap that pipe dream and get things cooking sooner than later if my fertility appears to have a limited shelf life.

A favorite new phrase I’ve adopted recently…..If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kill 'Em With Kindness

If I get the vibe that you don’t like me, or you’re just a generally miserable person, I make it my personal mission to be excessively nice and friendly to you. At first it’s genuine. If it fails to change your disposition, I’ll continue it with the secret satisfaction that it pisses you off.

So if you find that I’m suddenly an over-the-top Little Miss Sunshine you might want to check yourself.

That is all for today.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not So Healthy & Fit Update - Week of 8/17/09

Our weekend consisted of 1 trip to the pediatrician, 2 trips to urgent care, and 3 trips to the pharmacy. It started off with Little E’s trip to the pediatrician on Friday afternoon. She was supposed to get another round of vaccines. Instead the pediatrician heard some wheezing and congestion in her chest, and prescribed seven days worth of nebulizer treatments with Xopenex.

Saturday afternoon was my trip to Urgent Care. I’d had some cramping on and off for a few days, and noticed the water was pink when I went to flush. I thought it was finally some AF spotting, as the last time I saw her was after my clomid cycle. Much to my horror, by Saturday morning the water had turned bright red and I realized it wasn’t AF. Dr. Google wasn’t very helpful, and told me bloody urine could be caused by anything from too much caffeine to kidney failure. The urgent care doctor said it was dehydration and a bladder infection. Seven days of Cipro for me.

Sunday was M’s turn for urgent care. He’s been battling headaches, congestion, and coughing for over a week. He was scheduled to leave for a trip, but was in no condition to fly. He knows not to risk it. The doctor couldn’t pin a diagnosis on his ailment, but since it had been lingering for over a week with no improvement she felt it was worthy of antibiotics. Seven days of Biaxin for M.

M’s convinced my bladder is going to fall out or something and doesn’t want me working out this week, so I’m sure we’ll exchange some words. I intend to get back on track after last week’s pitiful showing. We have plans to spend the weekend in NY, and I’m looking forward to some early morning runs along the waterfront.

My training from last week:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 70 min. elliptical, abs, pushups

Wednesday: 7 mile run w/ stroller

Thursday: 30 min. elliptical, 4 mile run, abs, pushups

Friday: off

Saturday: off

Sunday: off


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Health & Fitness Updates - Week of 8/10/09



My appetite has been OUT OF CONTROL for the past week. I take it as a sign that my increased activity level is catching up with me, and I need to add more fuel to the fire to keep it burning. Stange items seem to end up in my shopping cart when I get like this.

Exhibit A…..

The Whitman’s Sampler I bought for myself. In my defense, it was the smaller box with only one tier, and it was on sale. M thought it was hysterical.

Who buys a box of chocolates for themself? Let alone a Whitman’s Sampler. Unless, you’re a Grandma in need one for your coffee table.                  

Well I buy them, so shut it. And keep your mitts of the Cherry Cordial. That one’s mine.

My other odd purchase this weekend. A running skirt. I swore I’d never wear one. There’s no practicality to it. An extra layer of fabric wrapped around a pair of shorts. Just what you need on a 90 degree day. Perhaps I’m setting the women’s lib movement back a few paces, but it looks dang cute on. Can’t wait to wear it at our 10k race next month.

Last week’s workouts:

Monday: 70 mins elliptical, abs, push-ups

Tuesday: 7 mi run w/ stroller

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 5 mi run w/ hill repeats

Friday: off

Saturday: 7 mi run w/ stroller

Sunday: 70 mins elliptical

Friday, August 7, 2009

Crashpad Living

A Crowded Hub Away From Home

This isn’t an exaggeration.

Before scooping up the loose change out of the couch cushions, and rolling our pennies together to buy our modest nest, I had the experience of crashpad living for myself.

So how did a married 27 year-old women find herself in this living situation? Well M’s first year at his current airline was spent commuting back and forth between Atlanta and Florida. On busy months I would go for weeks without seeing him. When the lease on our apartment in Florida ended in 2007, I decided I’d had enough and bounced for Atlanta. While we figured out what our next step would be, and if Atlanta was the right place for us to settle, I became the 7th roomie.

Our situation was not as military barracks-like as the typical crashpad. Our “pad” was a beautiful new 3-story home purchased by a real estate investor in 2006 right before the bubble burst. Living in California, he had no use for the home and was desperate to rent it for cheap. M and I had one floor entirely to ourselves. The “honeymooners suite” as it was referred to. The other 5 pilots shared rooms on the other 2 floors.

It was a rare occurrence for more than 1-2 other people to be home at the same time, which made the arrangements slightly less awkward. It also helped that we had known everyone living in the house for years. They had gone thru the same flight school together, and after graduation went to work for the same (now defunct) airline before getting hired by their current airline. Nice group of fellows.

After the lease on the house expired in 2008, two of the guys moved back in with their parents because they couldn’t afford more than $300 a month for rent. The third and fourth guy got an apartment offered by their church. The fifth guy pays $200 a month for a spot in a crashpad near the airport where he sleeps on an air mattress.

We know many people living in places like the one described in the Washington Post article. Not out of choice, but necessity. Heck, we even know people who live in pop-up campers in the airport parking lot. As a single person working for a regional airline you don’t have many options with a starting salary in the teens, and 5-6 figures worth of loans from flight school (nevermind what your bachelors degree already cost you.) You do what you can to get by, hoping the time you put in will one day be rewarded with a spot at a major carrier.

This is a job you do for the love, not the money.

Fortunately for M, he’s got a Sugar Momma winning him some bread in the mean time.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

H&F Week of 8/3/09

I’m getting really excited for our race coming up next month. I bought a plane ticket to NY, so I’m (better) guaranteed to get there at a decent hour the night before. You know I mean business if I bought a ticket.

It's not that I’m expecting to break any records, or even have a mildly decent finishing time, but this race has always been one of my favorites. Plus, it’s giving me a goal to work towards. It’s like regaining a small piece of my identity.

Workout Schedule for this week....

Since I never seem to stick to my workout schedule, I’m not going to bother posting it ahead of time anymore. Staying flexible is part of being a mom to a 6 month old (not to mention being pilot’s wife...there’s an understatement, ha). I’m just going to post a recap of the previous week’s workout for the record.

So here’s last week’s wrap-up:

Ended up with one more off day than I wanted in my original plan. I spent Sunday afternoon shopping with baby girl and decided to skip my run when we got home. Boo. But I did get a new digital camera. Woot.

Monday: 70 mins elliptical, abs
Tuesday: 70 mins elliptical, abs
Wednesday: 2.8 mi run/walk with stroller and hubby, 5 mi run
Thurdsay: 7 mi run
Friday: off
Saturday: 7 mi run
Sunday: off

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fresh Fig Muffins

One thing I love about living in the south is the surprise deliveries of fresh fruit from our neighbors. We've gotten two baskets of peaches, a watermelon, and earlier this week, a bag of fresh figs plucked right from their backyard.

Fresh figs are usually expensive and hard to come by in the grocery store, so I was excited to receive these. I snacked on them throughout the week, but there were too many to polish off by myself. M had never tried a fresh fig before and was a little weirded out by them. The texture of a whole fig is a bit strange. However he loved the muffins I made with them. I was hoping to have them for breakfast this week. Unfortunately they're already gone.

This is the Fresh Fig Cake recipe I started off with, but by the time I was done making substitutions, the 1.5 cups of fig puree was the only recognizable ingredient the two recipes had in common. It more closely resembled the zucchini-pecan muffins I made a few weeks ago.

Runblondie26's Fresh Fig Muffins:

1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup oil
3 eggs
1-1/2 cup pureed fresh figs
2 1/4 cups flour
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup golden raisins

1) Beat oil, sugar and eggs until frothy
2) Mix in fig puree, milk, spices, baking soda, baking powder, and salt
3) Slowly mix in the flour on low speed
4) Fold in pecans and raisins
5) Pour batter into muffin pans sprayed with non-stick cooking spray
6) Bake at 350 degrees (convection setting) for ~25 minutes
Recipe makes 14 muffins

As a thank you, I gave a plate to our neighbors. For added presentation points, I drizzled honey over them right before I sent them over. It was a delicious touch if you're not too worried about your sugar intake. It elevated their sweet status to dessert level.

We were given an open invitation help ourselves to their fig trees. I already plan to gather some more this weekend to make another batch of muffins. There are a few more modifications I'll make this time:

1) Reduce sugar to 1 c
2) Use 1 cup of rolled oats in place of 1 cup of flour
3) Add 1 tsp vanilla extract

I could probably take it one step further and use Splenda for Baking in place of the sugar, and plain yogurt in place of the oil.
I'll also be hiding a stash in the freezer so they don't all disappear on me by Sunday night.