Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's On Like Donkey Kong

We went on our 1st family run last night. It took some goading, but I convinced M into it. There was actually more walking than running, but we covered 2.8 miles together. As pathetically slow as I am, I was still leading M while pushing the jogging stroller. Some of our neighbors teased and made cat-calls as we went by. After we finished, I went off on my own and ran another 5 miles. I think it took a little chunk out of his pride.

It's on now.

We'll be running a 10K on Long Island at the end of September. M runs this race every year as a tribute to his dad (this is the race I mentioned a couple weeks ago...his dad was the original race director). It's the one day every year he runs. M never trains, suffers through it (and for days afterwards), and then vows to train for next year. As long as I've known him it's never happened.

When M left for his trip this morning his running shoes were in his suitcase. He said he's going to work out in the hotel gym while he's gone. Looks like the competitive flame has been lit....

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