Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christening & Other Good Stuff from this Weekend

Sorry, couldn't think of a catchier title for this entry.

I’ve been stressing out about the christening for weeks, but after arriving in NY everything went really well. Getting there was chaos on Friday night. M and Little E left Thursday morning, so I was going it alone. The flights to JFK, LaGuardia, AND Newark were so oversold it would have been futile to even try. Forced to resort to plan D, I listed for a flight to White Plains. From there, I was up against a shady gate agent who took her own liberties to clear passengers off the standby list out of priority order. Despite the blatant disregard for policy, I did make it onto the flight. Once I landed, I had the pleasure of driving the hour and a half to my inlaws in a torrential thunderstorm. After good night of sleep, I was able to put it behind me and get the rest of the weekend started right.

M's step-dad is a Lutheran minister and led the service at his church. The gown Little E wore was the same one that my mom and I were both christened in. My mom had it dry cleaned and shipped directly to my inlaws so it would be waiting there when we arrived. Having not seen it before-hand, I was nervous it wasn’t going to fit. The booties and hat were too small (I had purchased back-up just in case), but the dress fit perfectly. E smiled at all the appropriate times during the blessing, and threw in a few coos for good measure.

The brunch afterward also went smoothly. We had to plan the catering from out of state so it could have gone very wrong. The food was good, and I ate way too much.

We also had the chance to go out on the inlaws' boat. E tolerated the life vest better this time. (probably because it wasn’t as hot, and this one was a hand-me-down from our nieces so it was broken in).

M was in his glory fishing with the new reel I bought him for Father’s Day.

Sadly, I’ve been sans baby the past few days. M still has another 10 days off, so I wasn’t going to rush him back after the christening. No point in making him sit at home in Atlanta all while I’m at work all day. He’ll be back with E tomorrow. Yay!

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