Saturday, June 27, 2009

Way To Be A Team Player

Warning: I'm about to make a shameless plug for hubby.

He called me last night to tell me he'd received a call from the Chief Pilot. Normally words you don't want to hear. Earlier in the day at a senior operations meeting the CP heard about what M did on a trip, and he wanted to personally thank him.

Due to a change in management, the ground crew at one of the podunk airports he flies to decided to walk out in a sign of protest. That left TWO people to fuel the planes and load the baggage. With all the heavy traffic (a whoppin' 3 airplanes) at said airport, they somehow managed to load the bags onto the wrong planes. In order to still get an on-time departure, M took it upon him self to unload and reload the correct baggage. He said the passengers' eyes just about bugged out in disbelief when they saw this.

Initially I was slightly annoyed when he told me what he had done. First of all worker's comp wouldn't cover an injury sustained while moving baggage, secondly you don't want the airline to think it's acceptable to use the pilots in this capacity. Just this winter he did something similar by helping the ground crew at another outpost fill sandbags for the cargohold.

Still I'm proud that he's willing to step up when needed. Shows what kind of a great guy I married :) Shameless plug over...


  1. That's awesome that he got recognition for what he did, most of the time those goes unnoticed.