Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thoughts on 'Housewives'

The house is a disaster, there are piles of clothes in the laundry room that are at various points in the laundering process, and the refrigerator is bare. We finally got that exersaucer for Little E this week, so going through the family room is like running a gauntlet of baby toys. This weekend is all about housekeeping. Fun. Fun.

I’m jealous of stay-at-home moms. There I said it. We’re very blessed, and I have no room to complain. However, being a full-time mom and having a full-time job is exhausting.

If given the opportunity, I’m not sure I’d actually want to be stay at home mom. I find my job reasonably fulfilling and I value having adult interaction every day. By the end of maternity leave I was getting board at home.

Maybe it’s the fact that I view being a SAHM as a luxury, a status symbol if you will. The way I see it, in this day and age if you can be comfortable on one income, then you’ve made it as couple. Notice I said comfortable and not just getting-by. Being a “getting-by SAHM” would involve making sacrifices out of necessity. Being a “comfortable SAHM” denotes having a choice to SAH, without any changes in QOL.

Sounding whiny now, aren’t I? It wasn’t long ago that I was bargaining with God just to make me a mom. I certainly wouldn’t trade this life I’m in.

I’ve been watching far too many episodes of the “Real Housewives of ______” shows on Bravo lately. M won’t tolerate watching it so I catch it on the sly when he’s not around. My bridal shower was held at the Brownstone, so in some small way my family helped fund The Real Housewives of NJ trainwreck. My apologies to the viewing public. These are the people that give NJ it's bad rap, but yet I can't stop watching. They are certainly not the type of housewife I want to emulate.

The RHWONJ are from what the rest of us from NJ refer to as "Sopranos NJ". The section of the state that sits in the immediate shadow of NYC. The inhabitants are similar to those of Staten Island, but will deny any similarities. It's where the women walk around with spray tans, big hair, and sound like Fran Drescher.

My coworkers wanted to know if I grew up in NJ because I don't talk like I'm from NJ. I kindly informed them that the majority of people from NJ don't sound like that. Just like most people in Atlanta don't sound like Paula Dean.

I promise if I ever get to be a SAHM I'll be on much better behavior. In the meantime, I'll keep doing my best to keep this household running. I wouldn't do it if these two didn't make it worth it.


  1. Wow, you had your shower at the Brownstone. Too funny! I have been watching Real Housewives of ____ too.

  2. Wow, you had your shower at the Brownstone. Too funny! I have been watching Real Housewives of ____ too.