Monday, June 8, 2009

M-E-T-S! Let's go Mets!

What an exciting weekend. Our 18 year old cousin, the baseball player extraordinaire, is expected to be picked up by the Mets in this week's draft. The team held a "showcase" this Sunday for all the draft hopefuls to come out for one final practice. We couldn't pass up the chance to cheer him on, so we made an impromptu trip to NY. He did a great job, and now we're sitting on pins and needles until the draft choices are announced.

What made it even more awesome, is we got to roam around the inside of the new Mets Stadium with only a handful of other spectators. I can say with pretty good certainty I'll never get to watch another baseball game from a seat directly behind the home-team dugout.

Being that I have very limited vacation time that we're saving for later this year, this ended up being a day trip for me. Fortunately all went as planned and this was a flawlessly smooth trip. Reminiscent of what non-revving USED to be. M arrived back from his overnight trip at 6:30 am. I met him at the airport with Little E at 7:00, and by 7:45 were were on a flight to LaGuardia. We watched the practice, went out for lunch, and then headed back to the airport to drop me off. I was back in Atlanta in time for a late dinner.

M and Little E are still in NY with his parents and will be back tomorrow night. I've never been away from E for this long. Ever.I thought I'd enjoy having a couple nights to myself. I went for a long run after work, ate a cup of Oodles of Noodles for dinner, and sat on the couch to watch the Bachelorette. What I used to consider a perfect Monday evening. Amazing how the times have changed. I can't stop thinking about much I miss that little munchkin. Just one more day before I get to shower the hubs and the baybay with kisses.

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