Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In a holding pattern

So M is making me feel like a nagging shrew of a wife because I don’t want to go to Lake Lanier for the day. Some friends we haven’t seen in awhile invited us to go with them later this week. Do I really need to explain why driving 2 hours each way to the lake, spending a day in the sun, then catching an 8pm flight to NJ with an infant isn’t going to work? I understand he’s bummed out we haven’t been traveling much or hanging out with friends recently, but HELLO we have baby now and both work full-time.

They say the first year after having a baby is a true test of a marriage. M’s career has been stuck in a holding pattern (lame pun intended), and I know he’s having a hard time with it. Now that it’s summer, it compounds the situation further. The schedules have been craptastic lately and are only going to get worse in September.

M grew up in a harbor town, and summers were spent on the water. Visiting NY last weekend reminded him what he’s giving up by being here in Atlanta (and how we won’t be getting out anytime soon). He’s slowly dragging me down with his negative attitude. I just don’t know what to do. I’m tired of being his cheerleader. Trying to make him feel better. Reminding him of all the things we do have because we chose to live in Atlanta.

It’s not easy for me either, but things could be 1,000 times worse. How do I get him out of this funk?

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