Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Month Stats

E is four months old!

Actually 16 weeks and 4 days to be exact. Of course mommies need to be more precise, so I’m still keeping track of her age this way. Months don’t seem like the appropriate unit of measure when she’s still changing so much from day to day. Besides, counting her age in months just reminds me how fast she’s growing up.

However, when I say she’s x weeks old, I can see people trying to convert it in their heads to months. It’s like measuring in inches when every one else is measuring in feet. So I’m going to keep it easy for everyone.

E has received so many clothes as gifts, I thought she’d be at least a year old before I ever had to buy her anything. Her 6 month clothes are already getting too short and tight on her. At this rate she’s going to be in her 12 month clothes by the end of September. She won’t even get to wear the jackets and sweaters people bought for her because it’ll still be too hot here.

No one believes us when we tell them her age. M’s got the height, but neither one of us would be considered big. We’re puzzled as to where this jumbo baby came from.

Here are her stats so far:

Birth:   7 lbs 15oz, 19.5”…..50th percentile height & weight (keep in mind she was born 9 days late too)

1 week old:   7 lbs, 6 oz, 19.5”……took a slight dip

2 weeks old:   8 lbs, 4oz, 20”……made a comeback

1 month old:   10 lbs, 8oz, 21.5”……90th percentile height & weight

3 months old:   12lbs 9oz, 24”……96th percentile height and weight

4 months old:   14 lbs 6oz, 24.5”…..90th percentile height & weight

It looks like her growth might be starting to slow down. In the past month, she hasn’t increased the amount of formula she eats in a day. Since she seems to be content on formula, I’m holding off on rice cereal. I did pick up a box this weekend in anticipation of her next spurt.

We’re very grateful for the fact that’s she’s been a good eater because she’s been consistently sleeping through the night since I started back at work in April. Bedtime is around 7:30, and she sleeps until about 6am. Hopefully it’s more than just a phase. We’re enjoying it while it lasts…

Here are some of my favorite pics of E from this past weekend

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  1. That's funny! Yeah, I thought I was hot stuff driving it when I was 17. At 28 it wasn't quit working for me anymore.