Monday, May 25, 2009

Returning to "Runblondie26"

I always like learning the story behind the names people choose for their online persona. Runblondie26 is the user name I adopted about 6 years ago. It's origin is pretty straight forward. I'm blonde, running is one of my passions, and the marathon (26.2 miles) is my preferred event.

Since having E almost 4 months ago, one of my biggest goals has been to get back into shape. Before I got pregnant I was running 50-60 miles a week, plus cross-training and weight lifting at the gym for another 5-6 hours. Now each week I'm lucky to go running 3-4
 times and weight lift maybe once or twice. The amount I was working out before was a little over-zealous and was actually starting to cause some adverse health effects. I'm trying to strike a good balance this time while regaining some of my former fitness. Fortunately I have enough to keep me busy now to prevent me from overdoing it. I've accepted that I don't need to always be training for a marathon. Maybe just half-marathons.....

My biggest baby item splurge to date has been a good quality jogging stroller, so I can take E with me when I go running. Her car seat snaps into the stroller and she faces me while we run. We have a good time "talking" and singing to each other while we're out. 

I was a little eager for her to try it out when I first assembled it. The car seat adapter arrived a couple days later. As you can see Emily still has quite a way to go before she can ride without the infant seat.  Despite the look of apprehension, she really does like it now.

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