Friday, May 29, 2009

New Toys

It’s here! My new elliptical was delivered last night. I finally broke M down and convinced him to let me get one for the house. The concern wasn’t that it won’t be used, but that I’ll use it too much. With it being so convenient now, I had to promise M that I wouldn’t overdo it.

I can always run outside for free, and prefer that to the treadmill any day. I mainly went to the gym to use the elliptical machine. Since I dropped my gym membership in February, I'm able to rationalize the purchase knowing it'll pay for itself in 3 years with the money I’m saving. E can hang out next to me while I use it, and I don’t have to waste time packing my stuff and driving back and forth to the gym. It’s a win-win for everyone in my opinion.

In reality I think M conceded because he’s trying to building an argument for buying a small sailboat. For weeks now he’s been eyeing a kit online that allows you to build your own. He talks about it incessantly. We live on a lake, so it's only proper that we get a boat eventually. There are only about 1,001 projects I’d like to work on around the house first.

I do think it would be pretty cool to build our own boat though. Maybe it can be our winter project this year. We’ll see. First we have to finish unpacking our moving boxes so we even have a place to work.

Here's pic of my new toy! It's a Spirit Fitness XE700

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  1. I would have just sent you mine... it is a little dusty and has been used for a clothes hanger... but in great condition!! =)